Come a little closer

12:21 AM


Im all alone. By myself. I am neither happy nor sad. More to fearing of what will come ahead. It is tomorrow. The day I've been waiting for all this year. I know everyone around me hoping for the best of me, the best of my result, 9A's. Their expectation aren't lower than that i assure you and that is one of my fear. I am totally in need of hugs from my loved ones. It'd be good if you're still here with me too. Making me feel all safe. Preventing me from stepping into the insecurity world of mine. That aint happening is it? These past few days are the hardest for me. Im not bragging but I've been thinking about everything. The summary of my 2013 life. Too hard to forget. Too hard to not to cry. Lets just sum this up by saying i am just afraid of the new changes. Changes are good for me but, i just don't want them. Even if i choosed not to join into the new environment, i'll still be entering it one day. I need to take a brave step ahead. Without no one on my side anymore. To say that 2013 is a suck year aint making any sense. 2013 is just another year that is passing by. We, you, me, are the one that need to be blame on for making this year a bad year ({if you had one}) Writing this thing up kind of clearing quarter of the problems in my head. I don't care about them problems at the moment. I am just asking for a better day tomorrow. For me to receive 9A's in the 2013 PMR is enough. Tho' it will not settle all of my thoughts, but it is still my biggest priority for the time being.

Im not asking for more, i just need your prayer.

"Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, O Allah, may you grant Nur Jawidah Binti Mohamed Raihan, the best result tomorrow in Penilaian Menengah Rendah PMR 2013 that is the result of 9A's. May her friends will also get the same great result as she is. Amin"

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